Kauai on my mind

Each day that I am going through the crappy part of this (the moving to the transition house, etc.) I keep telling myself that it will all be worth it once we are finally on the island.

I am looking forward to the small town feel of the island, the tropical breezes and just a simpler life. Driving into work this morning at 4:30 I am amazed at how many people are tailgating, whipping around other cars and generally just being a-holes while driving. The freeway is not even crowded yet! I’m ready for the slower, simpler life that we are hoping to find – and the sooner the better.

Now, about that frosty alcoholic beverage 🙂


About akiva96

I lived in Southern California my entire life - until my wife, Barbara, and I decided to quit our jobs and move to Hawai'i in April of 2015.

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