Living the life

Now that we are in the house, at least for this week, we are doing normal household stuff- minor repairs, cleaning up the garden, etc. in the course of this we have met some of our new neighbors.

One of these neighbors is Angel. Angel is small mix breed dog who pretty much has run of the ‘hood. Every time she sees you, it’s like she just found a long lost friend. Word on the street is that Angel is a terror to chickens. We are one of the few area where there are hardly any chickens running around!

The pros and cons so far….

Pros – we love the house and the neighborhood. Everyone has been really friendly and helpful. It is  quiet neighborhood and it seems like everyone looks out for each other. The weather has been great temperature-wise. It has been rainy on and off, but coming from drought stricken So Cal, this actually seems like a relief to me.

95% of the people we have met on the island have been very welcoming. We have been to a bookstore in Hanapepe called Talk Story. The owner, Cynthia, not only gave us the grand tour of the store but also took the time to speak with us personally about living on the island in general and all the fun community events that happen here. The thing I remember most is her telling us that ‘It is easy to live here, you are going to love it’


The mosquitos. They haven’t bothered my wife much but they seem to love how I taste 😦 Does anyone have any pointers on discouraging mosquitos? 

We got stuck in our first traffic jam yesterday. Hawaiian Telecom was doing work on a phone line and had a lane closed on the main highway. This backed up traffic for miles in both directions.


Well, that’s about it for today. Aloha!


About akiva96

I lived in Southern California my entire life - until my wife, Barbara, and I decided to quit our jobs and move to Hawai'i in April of 2015.

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