Where is my Aloha?!

It’s back to the mainaland, at least for awhile. We returned late Friday evening, flying into LAX. Talk about going from laid-back and relaxed to frenetic!

it took us 45 minutes for our parking lot shuttle JUST TO GET OUT OF THE TERMINAL! After that, the ride down the 405 south to San Diego. Unfortunately they closed the entire 405 for construction and took us on a detour through Westminster that added another hour onto the already long drive. After dealing with the detour and the drivers trying to make up for lost time, I was already missing Kauai. We finally rolled into the driveway of our TH after 1:00 am – the flight was 5 hours from Kauai to LAX and the drive home after was another 5 hours. I felt like I had just had the Aloha slapped out of me! LOL.

On the bright side, Susie found us some great renters for the Kauai house – I call it the Dream Flower – they begin renting this Thursday and will be in the home until we come back in February or March. They are a very nice couple along with their daughter, who happen to be relocating from northern Idaho and were looking for a place to stay for about 6 months until they decide where they actually want to live on the island. So this worked out perfectly for both parties.

So now the focus is going to be on getting the rest of our belongings reduced to the barest essentials and then getting our butts out there! The road to Kauai continues. We’ve jumped a BUNCH of hurdles already but still have some challenges left. Employment, moving, providing the travel arrangements for our cats etc.

For now, it’s back to life on the mainland. Back to work tomorrow and a private band gig on Saturday – that means band rehearsal all week so busy busy busy…



About akiva96

I lived in Southern California my entire life - until my wife, Barbara, and I decided to quit our jobs and move to Hawai'i in April of 2015.

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