177 Days and counting


Good morning, afternoon, evening or night depending on your timezone. At Kauai Thoughts we try to be inclusive and not discriminate based on temporal differences.

The beat goes on. We are still crawling towards our goal and it is now officially LESS than 6 months until our move. That milestone passed last week.

The summer here in Escondido was a hot one. Unusually hot even for this area. A lot of humidity which, while not unheard of, was unusual in the number of days we endured it. The difference between the humidity here and on Kauai is that there are no trade winds to cool it off. Fortunately the hot humid heat broke about a week or so ago and the weather has finally become a bit more seasonal. I spoke with our friend Susie on Kauai and it has also been hot and humid there as well – with an unusual lack of trade winds – making it feel even hotter. She said that this year her husband even considered purchasing an air conditioner for their bedroom for the first time. Many homes on Kauai don’t feature heating or air conditioning because the weather is usually not extreme enough to warrant their use (and electricity is expensive!)

No matter where you are, weather comes and goes in cycles and we all learn to deal with it. At least San Diego County has made it through most of the fire season this year without a MAJOR incident. (Fire season runs here from July through the end of October generally). The feared hot, dry Santa Ana winds have not yet materialized even though it has been uncomfortably hot. Definitely we are thankful for that because California is in the middle of another drought and everything is bone dry and ready for a spark to ignite the brush. Just a fact of life in So Cal – like hurricane threats are in Florida I guess.

So the beat goes on. Work, band practice, rinse, repeat, reduce. I finally was able to force myself to reduce my book collection by about 80%. Since I do love to read this wasn’t as easy as you might think. My band has a couple private gigs (a wedding and a DAV benefit that we are really looking forward to) coming up and we want to get into the recording studio to cut a few more original tracks before I make the jump to Kauai.

Time marches on toward the unknown. Our new life in Kauai awaits and we are excited to get started on it.



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About akiva96

I lived in Southern California my entire life - until my wife, Barbara, and I decided to quit our jobs and move to Hawai'i in April of 2015.

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