Season of the Tax… Oh no must be the Season of the Tax!

My apologies to Donovan for taking liberties with his song but I just filed my taxes and that describes how I have been feeling up until now. The outcome wasn’t bad – not great either – but I just can’t wrap my head around why my tax return has to be 166 pages long! it actually took me about 2 weeks, off and on, to complete the whole thing. I apologize to trees and my laser printer for the stress that they endured. (I know – I don’t need to print it out and I DO e-file but I like to keep a hard copy of stuff like this in case the IRS comes a-calling).

But back to the point of this blog – which is to talk about the upcoming move. We are only a little over 6 weeks away. The movers are locked in and we are about to schedule the shipping of the cars. We are going to ship our truck out first in the hope that it arrives very close to the date we arrive. We will then ship our passenger car a few days before we actually fly out. We are trying to minimize the amount of time we have to pay for a rental on both the mainland and Kauai. The drop off facility for the cars appears to be in Compton so we are trying to work out obtaining a one way rental up there that we can drop off at San Diego Airport on our way out.

The logistics on the day we fly with 3 cats become a bit sticky. Since we will have to be lugging 3 cat carriers around, it limits our ability to bring more than one checked bag for the flight. Our solution is to bring as much stuff as we can during our ‘prep’ trip in March so we can bring less (hopefully NO checked bags) when we fly out for good in April. Anything we can fit into our carry-ons will get shipped out via USPS.

There are only a few hurdles to jump over now;

1) Getting the cats final health certificates and a tick treatment – Hawaii specifies fipronil (Frontline) which our vet doesn’t use. We will have to bring our own Frontline to his office and pay him to administer it so we can have the documentation.

2) Getting the cars scheduled for shipping.

3) Getting all our stuff moved (what little we have left!)

4) Saying ‘Aloha’ to all our friends and family. We have been trying to see as many of them as we can each weekend before we leave. It is difficult because we now realize how many people we have ties to here. We don’t really have enough weekends to accommodate everyone – especially with getting the rest of the packing completed.

5) Get one last album recorded with my soon-to-be ex-band (if possible). We have a recording date 3 days before our plane leaves so I need to be able to lay down some good tracks! I hope I can get it done but only time will tell. So, not really a hurdle, but a selfish ‘want’ on my part 😉

I will leave with a couple of photos because they are probably more interesting than my writing!


Off the Na Pali coast with Holo Holo tours

Off the Na Pali coast with Holo Holo tours

Our destination!

Our destination!


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I lived in Southern California my entire life - until my wife, Barbara, and I decided to quit our jobs and move to Hawai'i in April of 2015.

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