The beat goes on

Funny how things work out. A few days ago I was still trying to figure out my employment situation once I get to Kauai. Not that we’re scrambling or anything – we’ve planned ahead financially and are both pretty frugal when we have to be. But it would still be nice to have a paycheck coming in soon after getting there.

I do a little bit of software consulting as a side business, mostly for my previous employer. Two days ago I receive a call that they are looking for a Project Manager for a large software upgrade and that they thought I would be a perfect fit. So… it now looks like my employment situation has been resolved (for the immediate future at least).

The job itself will allow me to mostly work from home but I may need to travel back to the mainland periodically for tasks related to the project. Hopefully this will not be too often but it will give me a chance to see my parents a little more during this transition period to Hawaii. The other nice thing is that this is nothing I haven’t already done – pretty much in my wheelhouse – so while it is always easy to be anxious about a new position, this should not be too bad of a stretch for me.

Enough of that though. We are getting ready to fly out to the island for the prep trip. Some of the things (NOT listed in order of importance) we would like to accomplish this time out are:

1- Opening bank accounts ahead of our arrival.

2- Getting our cable/internet hooked up (especially since I will need it right away for work!

3- Changing the lock on the door. (Yes there is only one door so only one lonely lock!)

4- Performing any needed repairs to the house.

5- Measuring to make sure our current refrigerator will fit through the door LOL.

6- Get the cat ‘facilities’ set up for their arrival.

7- Putting a dent in the bottles (yes plural!) of Koloa Rum that our friend Susie was so nice to give us.

8- Stocking non-perishable items from Costco.

9- Buying a BBQ for the lanai.

10- Barbecuing on the lanai.

11- Drinking lots of coffee in the morning on our lanai.

12- Serious beach time.

13- Not so serious beach time.

14- Meeting up with our friends who are already living on-island.

15- Whatever the hell else we want to do 🙂

Ok yeah, kind of a lame blog today, but I’m excited to get back out there and about the new job and had to tell someone!

Mahalo for listening.



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I lived in Southern California my entire life - until my wife, Barbara, and I decided to quit our jobs and move to Hawai'i in April of 2015.

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