Kauai calling: 9 Days to go!!!!!

Only 9 days until we touch down in Kauai for good.

We feel like we have jumped through about 997 hoops and only have about 3 more to get through.

Our truck has been shipped and will be there when we arrive (or shortly thereafter). We will ship our car this week. My last day of work is Tuesday – although I am already starting my consulting job on Wednesday so no real downtime. My wife finished up at her job last Thursday. I had my last band event about a week ago at our going away party. It was touching to see how many friends came out to see us off. I will miss all of them.

The list of tasks has dwindled. We still have to get one more final checkup and flea/tick treatment for our cats. That happens on Thursday before we drop our car off with the shipping company. Friday through next Monday will be filled with returning all of the items we borrowed, putting a couple of boxes in the mail to our new home, and continuing to say goodbye to friends and family before we leave.

All that really remains after that is making sure that we have all the correct paperwork with us for the cats and the pickup of our vehicles in Hawaii. We are almost there.

Our friends have generally been very supportive and excited about our move. Many seem to take vicarious pleasure in seeing us chuck everything to do something we want to do. Others probably question our sanity. I’m sure they will keep tabs on us and gauge whether or not our move is a success. Our families seem less supportive (still!) and seem to have pulled away from us a bit. Perhaps that is to lessen the blow of our leaving? I don’t know – I guess I understand, but at the same time it hurts a little bit too.

I feel that our decision to do this is already a success. We have stepped outside of ourselves and begun to reinvent our lives in a new land. We have jumped over every hurdle and through each hoop so far. We have dealt with buying a home, selling a home, living out of boxes in a rental, getting through all the red tape for bringing our pets to Kauai, leaving good jobs and a successful band, etc. None of it has been easy and I’ve definitely endured doubts and sleepless nights during this process. How many people can say that they’ve done that? How many have chucked everything and took to the wind to live in a place they had previously only dreamed of living?

Now the goal is in sight – we still don’t know exactly what to expect but we are excited to get started. We hope to simplify our lives and fill the available space with beauty and fulfillment. We’ll give it our best shot. As this blog goes forward I will update everyone on our progress – jobs, music, day to day life, the ups, the downs, and my general impression of our lives on Kauai.

I hope you will continue to stay tuned my friends!

Oh yeah we will be seeing a lot of these in the days to come!

Oh yeah, we will be seeing a lot of these in the days to come!


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About akiva96

I lived in Southern California my entire life - until my wife, Barbara, and I decided to quit our jobs and move to Hawai'i in April of 2015.

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