4 days to go!

Spouting Horn

We are in the very final stages of the move now.

Yesterday we took the cats in for their final checkups and tick treatment/Health Certificates as required by Hawaii. After a small amount of rewriting the certs to make sure all the required information was on them, we were finally done with that. Our feline friends are now ready to travel. Sheyna was not at all happy about the whole process and made sure to make the other cats miserable once we got back from the vet’s office.

Once we dropped the cats off, we got back on the road to deliver our Kia to the shipping company in Compton. I will not be unhappy if I never have to drive the 91 freeway again. Too many cars, not enough lanes, too much construction, always some accidents, and too many drivers who think that checker-boarding through traffic will get them where they are going faster. (it doesn’t!)

Those were two major hoops left to jump through – the last BIG one is getting the cats safely checked in at the airport and actually flying out to our new home. The minor hoops are returning all of our borrowed items and shipping out a couple of boxes filled with what is left here at the rental that we don’t donate or throw away.

We did receive some good news while we were waiting for the inspector for the car up in Compton. It looks like our truck and all of our furniture, etc. will actually be on-island ahead of us. They should arrive in port today! That means very little lag time between getting home and having all of our things delivered. We hope to schedule delivery for 2 days after we arrive in order to give us time to run some errands like picking up the truck that we need to do right away. I still can’t believe all of our things made it over in about 2 weeks!

The end of this phase of our move to Hawaii is nearly complete

In other related news… Even though my last day at my regular job was last Tuesday, I have had no downtime since then. I started one of my consulting jobs the very next day and have been taking care of paperwork/training etc for my ‘other’ job as well. Plus the moving stuff. Barb got notice that she has a test to take later this month for a job on the island so that is good news. And the band that I am going to try out with already has a gig lined up for May 2nd.

Tick tock – only about a hundred hours or so to go!!!!


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I lived in Southern California my entire life - until my wife, Barbara, and I decided to quit our jobs and move to Hawai'i in April of 2015.

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