Going Home!!!!

We are just finishing up our final packing. Even though the movers came three weeks ago we still needed things to live on here in the rental/transition house. Somehow we still have four big boxes plus a small TV to ship via USPS – About 200 lbs worth of stuff – not counting the things we are throwing out or donating. We are at the point that if we don’t like the look of something we are throwing it away whether we need it or not. Really, about half of this stuff is clothing.

We did a dry run at the airport yesterday to figure out the logistics of getting our luggage and the cat carriers to the checkout counter. It turned out to be a good idea because we discovered that the TSA is going to have us pull the cats out of the carriers IN THE MIDDLE OF THE AIRPORT so they can inspect the bedding to make sure we are not smuggling anything. They don’t have a controlled area to keep the animals from running off (really!?). So our next stop was to get some collars and a leash for the cats to minimize any chance of them running loose in the airport.

Believe me when I tell you that the cats were NOT AT ALL HAPPY about having collars around there necks. Particularly Sheyna. The collars had little bells (I call them Hell’s Bells) that jingle with every step. Sheyna kept running from the sound which, of course, caused even more jingling. We knew that we would never have a moment’s peace until we removed the bells, which we did. The cats didn’t forgive us until they wanted food. Then we were pals again.

Today we have last minute running around. Returning the last of our borrowed goods. stopping by the Salvation Army one last time to donate things, the post office to clog up their business with our never ending cavalcade of boxes, online check-in with our airline (we are going to try and upgrade to first class if any seats are available so we can start drinking the minute we enter the plane), the final cleaning of the house here, and then off to my parents to have a dinner with them this evening and say goodbye. We will be up around 3 tomorrow morning to load our luggage and our cats. We will still have to return our borrowed Aerobed and get gas before heading down to Lindbergh field for our flight home.

Yes – our flight home. It’s taken us over a year of work and preparation but tomorrow we get to fly home for the first time!

I may try and blog from the airport tomorrow if I can so check back soon!!!

Aloha and…see you on Kauai!

Hanalei Valley Overlook


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I lived in Southern California my entire life - until my wife, Barbara, and I decided to quit our jobs and move to Hawai'i in April of 2015.

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