Kauai Day 1!!!!

We are now residents of Hawaii!

Our plane touched down at around 1:30 yesterday and we walked off the jetway into the warm embrace of the island. It hasn’t quite sunk in yet that we don’t have to go back to the mainland….

Rewind to 14 hours earlier.

We were up at 3:00 AM and immediately fed the cats a very small breakfast just to get their digestive juices flowing (and a chance for them to ‘Take care of business’ before it was time to load them into their carriers. The next 3 hours or so consisted of us deflating the Aerobed and packing it up, cramming the rest of the stuff that we hadn’t already packed into bags that were already bursting at the seams (and let me tell you they were at MAXIMUM CAPACITY), and Barb doing a final cleanup of the rental. Then we sat around for about an hour watching the clock until it was time to load the kitties into their carriers and head to the airport.

You may ask why we didn’t just go ahead and leave. The reason is that the airline does not want you to check animals in more than 2 hours ahead of your flight. So our timing had to be right. This was complicated by all the stops we needed to make on the way to the airport – drop off the Aerobed, get gas, return the rental car – and do it all during the morning business commute. With three cats serenading us with high pitched protestations during the entire trip. The fact that our rental home was about 50 miles from the airport didn’t help either.

So we make it to the airport and get a couple of pushcarts to get all our luggage and cats to the ticket counter. No one was in line ahead of us! Nice! A gentleman named Dominic was training an associate (her first day on the job) so checking the cats in took a little longer. We were determined not to lose our Aloha, so we just rolled with it. Once all the paperwork had been signed sealed and delivered, they called the TSA person to come out and inspect the cat carriers. We had really been stressing on this because you have to remove the cats in order for them to check the bedding. It turned out to be a non-issue as the cats were so freaked out that they just wanted to hold on to me and didn’t try to bolt. Huge sigh of relief… adrenaline notched down about 10 ticks.

Another quick thing. Our checked bag was 6 lbs over weight and we wanted to add another checked bag at the counter. But the rep looked at our itinerary and how much we had already paid and didn’t charge us the overweight fee PLUS let us check through TWO more bags for free! Not a lot of money in the grand scheme of things, but it gives you a good feeling that there are still empathetic people. I have to say everyone we had contact with at Alaska Airlines were extremely nice and very helpful.

The flight was… well a 6 hour flight. No disasters – and we touched down in Lihue without any problem. We were directed to go to the baggage claim where a representative of the Kauai Humane Society (Mary) met us to inspect the cats. Mary was very nice and asked Alaska Airlines to allow us to use one of their offices to inspect the cats so they would be contained. We got through the FINAL inspection and got our bags and headed to our home as new, freshly minted Kauai residents.

The house was as we left it. We released the kitties to their new home and they have been inspecting it ever since. Still a bit freaked out… but this morning they are already getting back to normal. We went to the store and got two CPK pizzas for dinner. Then we walked over to our friend Susie’s house to say hi and have a glass or two of wine. By the end of that we were ready to conk out and we did.

Our first full day today will consist of: Picking up our Ridgeline at the port and returning the rental car, getting the Ridgeline registered and inspected, going to the bank and getting our checks/debit cards from them, possible getting our new Hawaii drivers licenses and getting ready for the movers to bring all of our belongings on Thursday. Oh and Costco, Walmart and maybe a Home Depot run. Also, Barb got a call for a job interview with the County on Thursday and we will scout out where the interview is so she can get there while I am at home with the moving crew. Whew!

We hope to have little more down time on Friday/Saturday and I think we will make a point of blowing some stuff off so we do have that. After all, we are on Kauai time now.

Aloha and… “WE DID IT!!!!!”

Where I will actually be living

We are finally home.


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About akiva96

I lived in Southern California my entire life - until my wife, Barbara, and I decided to quit our jobs and move to Hawai'i in April of 2015.

4 responses to “Kauai Day 1!!!!”

  1. Lori says :

    Looks like a slice of heaven. Show more pics of your new home when settled!

  2. Jill Stroh says :

    Barbara and Dave,

    I am smiling, smiling, smiling right now! Sp happy for you! Hope to visit sometime soon when Adrian visits too.

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