First Full Day on the Island – A Recap

Our first full day on the island was a day of running around. We picked up our pickup (yes, I said that) at Nawiliwili Harbor and returned our rental car. Getting the truck went smoothly without any issues and the truck was in the same condition as when it was dropped off at the shipper in California. After returning the rental we set about getting our Ridgeline registered so off to the DMV we went.

Walking into the DMV in Lihue is nothing like the California experience. We had no appointment but there were maybe 2 other customers at the vehicle registration counter. And there were three reps: so no waiting! Our rep was very patient and friendly and explained to us what documents we need to register our vehicle. In Hawaii you need to get a yearly safety inspection before you can register a vehicle for the first time, so our next stop was a 76 station nearby to get that taken care of.

Not so fast. We found out that you need your current registration and a Hawaii insurance card before you can get the inspection done. Our Hawaii auto insurance cards were packed in a box that we had shipped the day before we left San Diego. OK, well we have 30 days to get the registration done so we decided to get some shopping done since we couldn’t proceed with the registration.

We hit Walmart for some small items and then Costco to stock up on the goodies for the kitchen. Total cost for both stores came to about $250. But we got a lot of bulk stuff so not too bad. We were both tired by this time and we headed home to relax a bit.

Good news/bad news. There was a postal slip in our mailbox that the boxes we had shipped had arrived and were ready for pickup. So we unloaded our food and headed back out to the post office. Our 4 boxes were there and 3 were not in good shape. I think USPS shippers may not have been as gentle as they could have been when processing these items. But the box with the TV in it was fine so no worries there.

We got home and unpacked the 200 lbs or so of our things. It looks like most everything made it (still looking for the charging bases for our toothbrushes though) and we found our Hawaii Insurance cards. So we are ready to register now. At least we will know what to do when the next car comes in later this month.

Time to relax. But wait, a truck from our moving company (Royal Hawaiian) drove by to scout out our house for today’s delivery. I had warned them that we had low utility lines over our street. So these guys were recon. They are not sure if the truck can make it under the lines so it will be touch and go this morning when they bring our load in. This could be interesting. They may have to shuttle everything from up the street. One more thing to worry about but I’m sure it will be fine.

We are shipping our refrigerator from California to replace the old Maytag here so I went about removing the old Maytag out of the kitchen. There was some sub-standard plumbing work where the water had been run for the ice maker but I can fix that this weekend and add a shutoff valve inside he house in case of leakage.

By now it was almost dinner time so our day was done as far as our initial tasks are concerned. We fired up the BBQ and a beer and finally got some downtime.

As I write this, it is POURING rain. I am hoping it will clear out before the movers get here. The forecast is for a clear day today so I am hopeful!

For tomorrow – I’ll let you know what happens with the delivery. Barb has her interview today and we hope that goes well. Updates will be coming 🙂

Aloha from Kauai!

The view down our street in Kauai; this is where the movers will have to bring  the moving truck.

The view down our street in Kauai; this is where the movers will have to bring the moving truck.


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I lived in Southern California my entire life - until my wife, Barbara, and I decided to quit our jobs and move to Hawai'i in April of 2015.

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