Day 4… exhaustion and elation

Our first Saturday as residents of Kauai.

I woke up at around 3 am – I’m an early riser but that is early even for me. When I went into the kitchen to fire up the coffee machine I stepped into a puddle of water. That’s not good… It turns out that the 15 year old refrigerator that came with the house – and that we had replaced with our own refrigerator – had started leaking water as it defrosted. Not a big deal but a pretty good puddle. It just drove home the point that we needed to get rid of this albatross pronto.

It is just my wife and I here and the thought of trying to muscle the old veteran down a couple of stairs and into the back of our pickup was not a pleasant one. But I have my tools here now so we removed everything that could be removed – doors, shelves trays rails etc. The result was a very manageable hunk of metal and plastic. We threw everything into the pickup and headed down the the transfer station in Hanapepe to dispose of it.

One of the nice things about Kauai is that anything having to do with waste disposal and recycling is free – unlike my previous city of residence which charged $35 to drop off anything at the waste transfer station. The result is: No mattresses, appliances old and broken furniture etc. litter the side of the roads here. The process is easy – you just drive the stuff to the station, a person tells you where to put it and voila! You are done. No fuss no muss. No filling out forms or anything else.

The refrigerator issue taken care of, we decided to take some time of to head to Salt Pond Beach. This was our first visit to any beach since the move and we really needed the down time. There was a birthday party being thrown by someone there with live music so we got t listen to some very good Hawaiian music while taking it all in. The water was great and the beach uncrowded. Nice.

While I sat there, it occurred to me that this was one of the reasons we made the move. To slow down a bit and enjoy the life on the island. On the drive home I still marvel at the beauty of the island. It was a mix of sun and rain today and just gorgeous.

Anyway, little by little we are making a dent in the pile of boxes that need to be unpacked. I am encouraged that it already looks like we will have enough storage and room for all the things we moved. Organization is the thing and that will be ongoing.

Tomorrow I get to meet up and practice with the new band I am hoping to be in. My equipment is mostly here but there are a few things I am missing. But it’s just practice so it should be fun and a chance to meet some more people…

Well that’s all I have for now… have an aloha day!


About akiva96

I lived in Southern California my entire life - until my wife, Barbara, and I decided to quit our jobs and move to Hawai'i in April of 2015.

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