One week in and… fruit stands!

It has now been one week since we moved to Kauai. Last Tuesday was the day we actually landed and became residents of Kauai.

The 7 days have seemed like a whirlwind. We have picked up the truck that we shipped out from the mainland, taken delivery of all of our furniture, interviewed for jobs (Barb), met some of our neighbors, stocked up on food and household items, I’ve started one of my consulting jobs, had a band tryout and attempted to unpack all of our things from the move. We’ve only really had one day where we took some time out for the beach.

Yesterday we got the Ridgeline registered. This encompassed getting a safety inspection (required once a year here). Then you take the ‘failed’ inspection certificate to the DMV (it fails inspection because all we have is an out of state registration) where they take your old plates and give you a new Hawaii registration and license plates. The DMV process took maybe 15 minutes and they HAND (not mail in 6-8 weeks!) you the plates for your vehicle. THEN you go BACK to the inspection place with your new Hawaii registration and they put a safety inspection sticker on you vehicle that is good for one year. We will have to repeat this process once our Kia arrives in the next couple of days. It will be easier to renew in the future because the vehicles will no longer be ‘out of state’ vehicles. The total cost was about $26; $20 for the Safety inspection and $5.50 for the registration (they honor the rest of the time left on our California registration so we don’t have to pay the real registration costs until that one expires in July, then it is based on vehicle weight so maybe $200 then).

Barb got a call for another interview with the Department of Education and a call back for a background check from her previous interview so things are looking promising there. She also has a test for another position next week. If any of these pan out, our health insurance worries would be put to rest. It looks like the timing has worked out well.

Meanwhile I had my first day as an online consultant from my Kauai office. It is a little weird but I used to telework 40% of the time anyway so not that weird. I still need to contact another potential consulting client here on the island.

Last Sunday I had my first meeting with the new band, The Bootleggers. It was cool meeting everyone and they all seem like great guys. The practice was a little spotty but not bad for a first time with new people – it’s weird being the ‘New Guy’. We play a lot of the same songs already but our roadmaps are a little different on some songs. It will be up to me to fit in with them and unlearn my old habits. I’m also still waiting on the last of my equipment to arrive – it should be here by Thursday – I’ll be glad to have my effects, etc. back.

The house has a lot less unopened boxes so we are getting there. All of our kitchen items are fitting easily into our kitchen cabinets, proving that all our reducing has paid off. Storage for clothing is going to be an issue but most of our cold weather clothing can be stored in space bags and kept outside. We would just pull them out when we travel. The office still has a pile of boxes with reference books etc. I am setting up shelves etc to house these so I can get the boxes out of there. That will be my project for today. Eventually my guitars will hang on the wall so they won’t take up floor space.

The weather has been great since we got here. It has rained a little every day (more than a little some days) but usually it has been in the morning or evening and giving way to sun during the day. It is funny to me that with this much rain, our yard never really gets muddy. The volcanic soil seems to let the water percolate right through as opposed to the red clay in San Diego where it can get real muddy after significant rain.

Fruit Stands: There are a number of local stands around our neighborhood and the island. These are unattended and contain different items depending on what the property owner has growing. There is usually a lock box with a slot in the top for money so you can drop by and grab some fruit and put a buck or two in the box. This is working great for us so far – we have bought oranges, tangelos, lemons, limes and grapefruit. The peel on these Hawaii citrus is usually pretty ugly but the inside is fine and the oranges are so sweet it’s like eating candy. Really cool!

Don't judge me..

Don’t judge me..



Well, I’m off to drink more coffee and start work.

My fondest Aloha to all of you!


About akiva96

I lived in Southern California my entire life - until my wife, Barbara, and I decided to quit our jobs and move to Hawai'i in April of 2015.

2 responses to “One week in and… fruit stands!”

  1. Loralei Baldwin says :

    I am sooooooooo jealous, but are glad to hear you are settling in just fine. I had done some research on the islands when I was fantasizing about a trip there and this is the island I picked to visit because it seemed pretty much not so tied up in tourism. If I were there I would be camped out on a beach all the time. How is the water temperature there? No, wait, don’t tell me, don’t want to burst my fantasy bubble. In my fantasy, it is warm enough to just walk into but with just enough difference in ambient to cool a body off. Anyway, glad to hear you are living the good life and are happy. Love to you both….Lori

    • akiva96 says :

      Hey Sis!
      Good to hear from you. Yes so far so good here… I won’t tell you about the water temp so as to spoil (or not!) your fantasies. I can only say that so far I still cannot quite believe that I am living in Hawaii. Hoepfully things will continue as they have been. Barb sends here love as do I!

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