Day by Day.


6 weeks in and we are getting used to life on Kauai and in our neighborhood. Kaua’i is a neighborhood unto itself but I am referring to an even more local level.

We live in Kalaheo, “makai” of the highway (that’s on the sea-side of the highway for the uninitiated). Our house is literally on a dead end street at the end of another dead end street. Like any neighborhood there are sounds that surround us. In Escondido the nightly sounds of the neighborhood consisted of air conditioners, the entrance gate opening and closing (incessantly!), coyotes, hawks, our teenage neighbors hip hop music (when their parents weren’t home), dogs barking, and the endless pulsating drone of the freeway. Here there are no air conditioners or freeways and the dominant sounds are from birds – roosters, chickens, myna birds, doves, mockingbirds, cardinals and a host of other avian friends that we haven’t identified yet. Living without heat and air conditioning also lends itself to keeping the windows open at night and we can hear the breeze rustle through the palms and other plants around our house. Sometimes you will hear the neighbors talking or coughing, etc. since everyone leaves their windows open. And occasionally you will hear invading pigs (although that has really quieted down since one of the locals trapped a couple of them). We still get the barking dogs sometimes too… it seems that right around 6:00 PM is ‘Dog Bark Time’ here in our little enclave.

It takes some getting used to but I have been happy to trade the mechanical hum of the air conditioners and the pounding of the freeway for more natural sounds of our new neighborhood here on Kaua’i. Some of the people here have complained that the roosters crow too early and loudly in the morning but I haven’t been bothered by that. Maybe because I’m an early riser (think 4:00 am) anyway. So no worries there. Most of the neighborhood here goes to sleep by 8:30 or 9:00 and I have never slept so well as I have since we moved to Kaua’i.

House Projects – Project #2 is creating an enclosure for our Murphy Wall Bed. We brought the Murhpy Bed over from the mainland with us because they are great space savers and, with our small house, will allow us to have guests but have access to the bed space when no one is using it. The melamine enclosure that came with the Murphy Bed was too bulky and heavy to ship so we decided not to ship it and come up with some other solution ourselves.

I love it when a plan comes together. While Barb and I were at the Habitat for Humanity Re-store  (a second hand store in Hanapepe) we found a couple of louvered bifold doors that were $15 each. One had chipped and peeled paint, the other was still in decent condition and both still had all the mounting hardware so we grabbed them and carted them home. Thus we began a ‘Project of Opportunity’ – when stuff like this presents itself you have to grab it, because it may not be there tomorrow and well, we’re on an island!  Below are some photos of the project as it progressed. We just finished yesterday (5-23-15)

Before painting - the paint was cracked and peeling

Before painting – the paint was cracked and peeling

Sanding it down before painting

Sanding it down before painting

Using the doors to measure for opening size etc.

Using the doors to measure for opening size etc.

The painted doors after installation

The painted doors after installation

They open fine and do the job

They open fine and do the job

With the facade attached on top to cover the supports and give it a finished look.

With the facade attached on top to cover the supports and give it a finished look.

Recreation – We took a tour of Allerton Gardens last week. These gardens were created by Robert Allerton and are now part of the Nation Tropical Botanical Gardens. There are 3 NTBGs on Kaua’i, 1 on Maui, and 1 in Florida. I could describe them to you in detail but suffice it to say that they are stunning. I’ll let the pictures do the talking.


These trees were filmed in the original Jurassic Park movie – the dinosaur eggs were found here.

Allerton1 Allerton2 Allerton4 Allerton6 Allerton7 Allerton8

Life is moving on and we are trying to fall into the rhythm of island life. We still make way too many trips to Home Depot, haha, but I can say that I am really starting to feel the aloha every day.

I hope you are having an Aloha day as well and hope for many more to all of you!


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About akiva96

I lived in Southern California my entire life - until my wife, Barbara, and I decided to quit our jobs and move to Hawai'i in April of 2015.

2 responses to “Day by Day.”

  1. Loralei Baldwin says :

    How beautiful for you, and it takes a while to get used to going from city to rural…..although when I moved up here from CA I felt, at first, like I was an alien but it didn’t take long to feel like I had come “home” at last. I would fall in love with the sea but I would miss my seasons. I love to watch it snow, the color of the autumn leaves, the brisk fall breezes. There are times in the fall when the wind blows and it rains leaves. The kids in me is in awe, standing there surrounded by blowing gold, and it lines the street and yards in a shaggy carpet of yellow, brown, and red. But there you have rainbows of color everywhere all the time, in the flowers, birds and sky. I’ll bet the smell after a rain shower is indescribable. I know it’s wonderful here in the spring….all the trees in bloom, specially the locusts and russian olives. God loves us, that’s a fact, ya just don’t see it in the city!

    Great job on the doors! You must watch HGTV! lol

  2. akiva96 says :

    Thanks! Yes we are watchers of HGTV. I know what you mean about the rural vs city life. This morning before sunrise I went out to look at the stars. Amazing how many you can see without all the city lights around!
    I would probably miss the seasons but we didn’t have much of that in SoCal either LOL- my blood is already thinning out here. Sometime 72 seems a little chilly!

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