The Routine – and a trip to the Mainland

We’ve been trying t find a groove, a routine, a way of settling in. We’ve been on the island less than 4 months but we are still trying to find that bit of normalcy that comes with a routine.

To that end, Barb has started a new job with one of the local schools and so far it looks like it will be a good fit. She will get 2 months off each summer while school is out and all the requisite holidays and breaks. Not bad! She gets off early enough that we can still get some beach time in after work and get home in time for dinner.  We are both hoping that this will help us establish a good routine moving forward. Fingers crossed!

The Neighborhood

Generally the neighborhood is fine. We do have some loud neighbors that live across form us – and they have a particularly loud friend who visits frequently. Because their house is a bit higher up I believe that the sound carries  quite a bit. So the upshot is that we (and everyone else I guess) can hear their phone conversations (he loves the speakerphone!), him yelling at the ball game on TV, and that grating loud laughter of their visiting friend. This is the downside of living with you windows open LOL.

The Garden

I can’t believe how fast our plants are growing here. O anur papaya seedlings are rapidly approaching 1 foot in height and grow noticeably each day. Our pineapples that we propagated from store-bought pineapple tops have taken and are also growing quickly. We’ve had some losses but it looks like 4 of them are growing nicely! Our citrus trees have really started taking off and the tangerine even has a couple of blooms on it. It would be funny if we actually got a couple of fruits off of it in the coming months.

We’ve also done some ornamental work in the front yard and that is coming along nicely – as well as getting the Panax on the south side of the house trimmed down enough to open up our ocean view. Now when you walk into the house you see a ribbon of blue water through the sliding glass door – magnificent!!!

Between Homes

I went back to San Diego on a business trip a week or two ago and it was disastrous. The business part was OK but the travel part no so much. It started out with a last minute request to pack my bags and be out in a week. I promptly caught a sinus infection and was put on some harsh antibiotics that left me sick to my stomach and unable to sleep. So I was unable to see any of my friends socially while I was there although I did see my parents. I cut the trip short and headed home to Kauai to heal up. (Which I did!)

My impressions of being back in Southern California after spending almost 4 months in Kauai are:

– Damn it was hot! (At least for the week I was there)

– Definitely it is much dryer there. The difference in the coloring of the hills and mountains has never seemed so great from Kauai to California. When you are living there you become used to it. Now I am getting used to the green of Kauai.

– The traffic is tough. I was stuck in traffic after work each day. It would take roughly 45-60 minutes to get back to my hotel – roughly a 10 mile commute. Traffic on Kauai can back up too but it is nothing like the city!

– The Mexican food is still the best in San Diego! I wish I’d had more of an appetite to enjoy more of it.

– There’s a lot more ‘stuff’ in San Diego. More stores, more restaurants, more everything.

– Watch carefully when using crosswalks – many drivers like to glide right into their right turns. You can get mowed down if you are not watching when your crosswalk light changes to green. On Kauai, people generally screech to a halt if someone looks like they are thinking about using a crosswalk (LOL).

The Climate Here

So word on the street is that we have had one of the hottest most humid summers in memory on Kauai. Since this is my first year here I have nothing to compare it to but its definitely been sticky and hot some days. Generally at night it has been fine for sleeping though. So I am looking forward to next summer and the mild temps that everyone says are more usual for the island. But to my mind it hasn’t been consistently oppressive or anything. It was hotter and just as sticky last week in San Diego.


There are definitely more bugs here but we have not yet really been inundated with hoards of invaders of anything. I was having a gnat/flying bug issue in my office when I would log on early in the morning. I think the light from the room was drawing them and they were finding small holes in the screen to slip through. I fixed the holes in the screen with super glue and hung some drapes over the windows to block the light in the morning and the problem appears to be solved.

We also had a spat of finding a cucaracha in the house now and then. Maybe 1 every day or two. I added some weather stripping to our kitchen door and it appears to have stopped for now. We also had a young gecko who had squirmed in from somewhere. It tools us a bout 3 weeks to finally capture him and put him outside (no geckos were harmed in the relocation project)

So that’s the update. We are settling in and generally trying to find our stride and enjoying the beauty of the island.

Talk at ya soon!


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About akiva96

I lived in Southern California my entire life - until my wife, Barbara, and I decided to quit our jobs and move to Hawai'i in April of 2015.

One response to “The Routine – and a trip to the Mainland”

  1. Kevin says :

    Good post about Kauai vs. San Diego. I think it might be a losing battle against the bugs and the geckos (and they do offset one another, right?). I always enjoy people’s impressions of Kauai versus their old hometown. Keep up the writing!

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