4 and a half months and a… hurricane???

5 day forecast showing Hurricane Kilo

5 day forecast showing Hurricane Kilo

So we went to Home Depot today to buy 7 pieces of plywood. We need 11 pieces but there are already 4 here at the house. This will be a new experience for me – fashioning plywood covers for all of our windows in anticipation of a hurricane. The computer models are mixed – some showing us just getting brushed by hurricane Kilo while others are a direct hit. The forecast above estimates winds of 100 mph + if it hits Kauai.

Since my home is on the south side of the island and the storm is approaching from the southwest we have a chance of taking a pretty good hit. This storm is following the same track (so far) as the infamous Iniki did when it devastated the island in 1992 (on September 11th no less – whats’s up with September 11th yo?). Iniki was rated a category 4 and packed winds of 145 mph. Kilo is expected to be a category 2 storm by the time it nears the island. Hopefully less.

My home was built in 1975 and evidently it weathered Iniki OK as it is still standing. I am hoping that if Kilo does indeed hit that it will weather this storm as well.

So it seems that I have transitioned from fires in California to hurricanes in Hawaii. I’m not sure which is worse but at least we have a few days warning for the hurricane to get ready. When we were struck by the fires in San Diego, we had only a few hours to get our stuff together and GO!

The gas stations on the island are doing a booming business today as people top off their tanks in anticipation of the storm and bottled water is flying off the shelves. We stocked up on some extra canned goods etc Tomorrow we will fashion our window coverings and move any loose things in the carport to a wind-protected location beneath the house.

On the flip side the weather today is beautiful. Sunny and breezy – very tropical. Everything seems very normal – hopefully it will stay that way…

I’ll update more as the time draws nearer.


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I lived in Southern California my entire life - until my wife, Barbara, and I decided to quit our jobs and move to Hawai'i in April of 2015.

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