Kilo out, Ignacio In

Hurricane Kilo passed us by with nary a strong wind. It headed west and never made the forecast-ed turn north and passed us by. We did go ahead and buy a bunch of plywood and cut it to size to fit all of our windows. We drilled out the holes for easy installation and labeled each cover so we know which window they will (or hopefully will NOT) go on in the future.

So goodbye to Kilo – but wait! Ignacio has ramped up in the Central Pacific and is a Category 2 Hurricane as of this writing. Ignacio is tracking just north of the islands at this point and should weaken to a Cat 1 by the time it nears the Big Island. By the time it gets to Kauai (if it doesn’t veer north like they usually do) it should have weakened to a tropical storm.

Behind Ignacio is Jimena which is tracking even further north than Ignacio so hopefully it will not even be an issue. Fingers are crossed.

The humidity has been oppressive with all the moisture from these hurricanes floating around. Rain can usually happen at any time around here anyway but the showers appear to be stronger at times lately. But what do I know – I’m still a newbie here.

Back to life updates:

We are really getting settled into our routines now and I find that I am really starting to feel like this could be a long term proposition for me. I like the slower pace of life and the attention to putting things off (haha).

Our fruit trees and plants are making great headway. The papaya are nearly 2 feet tall already and will probably blow right by the citrus trees in a couple of more weeks. The pineapples that are growing from the crowns of store-bought pineapples are growing like crazy too. We have a couple of banana tree volunteers that are sprouting near our back fence – we’ll see what happens. We’ve also been pulling avocados as needed from our tree using my homemade fruit picker (an old rake with a cut up soda bottle to catch the fruit).

We are in the process of renovating the bathroom in the carport. We used wood that we got from free pallets to line the ceiling and constructed a new light fixture out of a mason jar.





Old Light

Old Light





Other improvements to this small outside bath will be to:

  • Repaint the walls
  • Repair and paint the shelves
  • Add a small shelf that will hold a small basin that we will fashion out of a mango wood bowl.
  • Add a faucet and drain so people can wash up after using the facilities

Pictures will be posted as the project progresses. After that the renovation of our outside shower will commence.

Aloha and all our love from Kauai!!!!


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I lived in Southern California my entire life - until my wife, Barbara, and I decided to quit our jobs and move to Hawai'i in April of 2015.

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