Boom! The odyssey continues…

Last night – and even now as I write this – we are getting lightning and thunder. Not the kind that we would get back in SoCal; the lightning and thunder there is less continuous (if it occurs at all). Here on Kauai it has been going for hours. You can forget trying to count between the lightning and the thunder to gauge the distance because there is no way to figure what thunder belongs to which lightning flash. A great light show to be sure and the rain is always welcome (as far as I’m concerned).

So. Five months have passed since we moved here and all is well. Barb and I are both working steadily and the beauty of the island is still just stunning to me. Here are the updates:


Hot and humid the last few weeks. Again, everyone who has lived here for years tells us this is extremely unusual – we hope that is true. We had a nice breeze start up yesterday afternoon and that makes things much more bearable. Barb works in Waimea where the temps can be 10 degrees hotter than where we live – and there is no air conditioning! We can’t wait for the weather to moderate temperature-wise

Friends and visitors

We have had friends visit form the mainland the last couple of weeks – Barb had a friend come out with his wife and another friend and we were able to meet up with them a few times while they were here. I had another former co-worker visit the island but our schedules didn’t work out so he returned to the mainland before I had a chance to see him. Later this month we have another set of friends who are coming out to get married and we are looking forward to seeing them and to attend the wedding – should be great fun!

Tomorrow we will meet for breakfast with a couple who have recently moved here from San Diego and who we have mutual friends back on the mainland. It will be great to make their acquaintance and enlarge our circle of friends here.

House Projects

The projects are still there LOL. We have not made additional progress on the carport bathroom project but i’m sure that will be coming very soon.  Honestly the ceiling update was probably the hardest part of that project and we just need ot get motivated to paint the walls and add the shelves and ‘sink’. Maybe some gets done today. Or tomorrow. Or next weekend.

The Yard

Our papaya saplings are quickly becoming trees – the are approaching 3 feet in height already and grow noticeably each day. Can’t wait for them to start fruiting! The citrus trees are also doing well and are growing at a pretty good pace. The pineapples also are growing quickly.


Generally it’s all good. I am traveling more often that I thought I would but am starting to get used to it. There is a possibility that I may go to Japan in the future if scheduling permits. Int eh meantime it looks like I will be back and forth to the mainland relatively often. At least I’m building up travel miles and points! Barb is settling into her job and we are finally getting into a rhythm work-wise. The health insurance benefits that  her job provides is a big plus!!!!

The Future

There is a neighborhood close by that is called Kakela Makai Ocean View. We are enamored with that area and it is our dream to someday build a house up there (there are vacant lots for sale). The views from there are stunning and while we love our little house now, we would love to be able to make the move up to the higher ground there. It’s all about $$$ though so we will see what happens.

Fun stuff

McBryde Gardens hosted another movie night in the gardens. The movie was Pirates of the Carribbean – On Stranger Tides – much of which was filmed in the Gardens and around the island. There was a Mermaid and a walking tours of some of the shooting sites for the film before the movie. A great time – we can’t wait for the next event.

I’m still practicing with the band (One Lane Bridge) and we ahve some gig set up in October and  November. One of our members is on vacation and is visiting Machu Pichu in Peru so we are short handed at practice right now.

While I was on the mainland a couple of weeks ago I was able to catch with my old friends in San Diego. It was great seeing Curt and Patti, Jon, Chris, Jeff, Jeff, Cindy and Kevin while I was there. I also go to see my parents and took in a Padre game at Petco Park.

I travel again in a few weeks and hopefully the next trip will go as well!

Aloha and we’ll ‘talk story’ soon!


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I lived in Southern California my entire life - until my wife, Barbara, and I decided to quit our jobs and move to Hawai'i in April of 2015.

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