6 Months in Paradise!

Today marks our 6 month anniversary of moving to Kauai. There have been some ups and downs but mostly it has been a great experience and getting better. Here is an update on where we stand after 6 months.

The House:

The house is coming along – we still have about a gazillion projects that are either in process or planned for the near future but we are making headway.

Painting: We have begun to repaint the ceilings because it looks like the previous owners only primer-ed the ceilings in the living room, hallway, kitchen and master bedroom. This gives those areas an unfinished look and is more prone to collecting dirt etc. The nice thing about a small house is that there is less to paint – we already finished the master bedroom. Hopefully we can knock the rest of the ceilings out in a day.

The carport bathroom: The painting is finished and the shelves/counters are installed. We still need to grout the back-splash and the hook up the plumbing. Once that is done we are going to use deck paint to paint the concrete floor. Almost there!!!

The outdoor shower: We have purchased some paver stone to create a shower floor that is a bit nicer than the existing gravel. But this project is barely started. We still have to level the gravel, install the pavers, replace the enclosure and create a door/gate as well as paint and touch up the general area. We also want to install some retaining bricks to hold the gravel filler in it’s area and give it a cleaner look.

Flooring:  a future project to replace the laminate flooring throughout the house with bamboo or hardwood.

The Yard/Garden

Our trees are still growing like crazy – especially the papayas. They have passed 4 feet in height and are growing markedly each day. The citrus are growing too but they do not grow nearly as fast as the papaya. The pineapple plants are growing very well also. I hope that next summer we will be eating our own pineapples! The avocado tree continues to supply us with ingredients for fabulous guacamole. Our neighbors supplement us with extra avocados, longon, and garden greens. What a great neighborhood! The down side is that the weeds grow as fast as the other plants so we really need to keep up on weeding the flower beds.

The Weather

The heat finally broke a few weeks ago and the trade winds are back! The weather is mild and wonderful. It actually dipped below 70 last night (okay it got to 69 LOL) There has been a good mix of sun and rain and just generally beautiful, comfortable weather.


I am traveling about every 3 weeks or so now for my current project in San Diego. I have also signed on with another company and will be working daily for them as well. Barb is still working at the Middle School and settling in. The main thing there is that we both get full health benefits!


We have had recent visitors to the islands. Our Friends Rich and Betsy came to Kauai last month to get married and we were honored to join them in the happy occasion. We had a great time having them over to the house. Over the next few months we will have friends and family visiting form the mainland each month. we will also be taking a trip or two back to the mainland to reconnect with our family and friends there.

Well that is the update – 6 months of the island life and sometimes I still can’t believe I live here. The island itself is still just so stunningly beautiful that it is almost indescribable. I’m looking forward to the next 6 months. Keep checking back as I will keep writing – and I hope you will keep reading.


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I lived in Southern California my entire life - until my wife, Barbara, and I decided to quit our jobs and move to Hawai'i in April of 2015.

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