51 Weeks on Kauai…

I am starting a new feature on this blog, which I will try and remember each post. It will be the “Hawaiian Word of the Blog”. Not “Word of the day” because I only post once a month or so… Anyway…………………..

The Hawaiian Word of the Blog

The word today is “Pau“. The word means done or finished and is pronounced like ‘pow’. The reason this one came up is that we had house guests visiting from San Diego last week and we took them up to the Hanalei Bread Company. When my friend, Jon, tried to order the Kona coffee there he was informed by one of the staff that the Kona was …”pau in the morning”. He just stared at her and I jumped in with “He doesn’t know what that means.” The girl started laughing and said “Wow you just threw him under the bus didn’t you!” It was pretty funny, but it got me to thinking that this blog would be a great place to post the meaning of some commonly used words and phrases – and help me to learn more of them as well.

Recent Events

Yes we had house guests for a few days and then we (and they) hopped a flight to O’ahu on Easter Weekend to give our friends a chance to experience a little of that island. We stayed in Ko Olina on the sunny west side of the island. We also got the chance to go to Pearl Harbor while we were there. It always humbles me to go there and think that without the sacrifice that those who defended our country made, that our country wouldn’t be enjoying the freedoms we have today.

20160327_002254159_iOS This is a view of the Arizona Memorial from the bridge of the USS Missouri.

We also experienced some great sunsets while on O’ahu.


On Sunday we headed over to the Aulani resort (Disney) for their Easter buffet. It was OK but the grounds of the Aulani are spectacular (though quite crowded!). Exactly what you would expect from Disney.

The House

Our major projects to the house are finished. There is big news in the works, but I won’t say too much about that yet as things are fluid right now. You will just have to wait until next months blog entry… 🙂

Our plants continue to grow like crazy with the exception of our lime tree which is just kind of sitting there doing nothing. The papaya trees are about 8 feet tall now and covered with fruit. Not ripe quite yet but they are on their way for sure! The pineapple plants continue to grow without much intervention from us.

The Band

My work schedule in March intruded on us doing as much practicing and performing as we would like but we were able to play a gig down at Kukuiula Boat Harbor. We had a horn section and a visiting keyboardist and guest vocalist sitting in with us. All in all a fun gig and quite a few people listening.


Work is keeping me very busy – busier than I thought I would be when we moved here nearly a year ago. That is a good thing and I am thankful to have the opportunities that I have had since the move.

The Cats

Here is the update on our cats. Mr. Beasely, a large tuxedo, has just barged into my office and demanded attention. So I guess this blog entry is… Pau.


About akiva96

I lived in Southern California my entire life - until my wife, Barbara, and I decided to quit our jobs and move to Hawai'i in April of 2015.

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