13 Months in Paradise

Hawaiian word or phrase of the blog: Pau hana. Pau hana means ‘finished working’ or ‘after work’. So there are a lot of places that incorporate this term into their name or advertising because who doesn’t want to be done with work and ready for a little pau hana time?


So here is the update. I got back from the mainland last week with a little visitor: A cold virus that hitched a ride in my throat and has now blossomed into the full glory of a cold. So I am writing this blog under viral duress today. I’m pretty sure that’s a thing.

Progress on the new house

Well, no actual progress on the house itself, but we are scheduled to close the deal on the land this Wednesday. We will then be proud owners of 10,200 square feet of Kauai real estate. Our first step will be complete, and we can now start work with our home designer on our new digs.

This Old House

The house we are in now will need to be de-cluttered as we will have to put it up for sale PDQ. Fortunately we threw out most of our belongings before we moved here, so it shouldn’t take too long to have this one presentable for potential buyers. The fly in the ointment is we are looking for a buyer who is willing to rent back to us until the new house is ready so this could get tricky. A rental unit somewhere close by is not out of the question, but we have 3 cats so finding a rental could be tough.

So if any of you are looking for an investment property on Kauai with built-in renters with good credit for a year or two, give us a call 🙂


Work is keeping me very busy. I am putting in a full 8 hour day or more every day now. The project that keeps me traveling to San Diego will be winding down soon. I expect that to be reduced drastically by the end of June. So it’s all good. Still.

Island Stuff

The island is just beautiful. We have been getting rain nightly and the trade winds have been great. Whenever I drive to town I still can’t quite believe I live here.

I thought I would have more to say, but I’m not going to bore you too much more by just writing junk. I’ll blog at you again soon. When my cold is gone.

It’s pau hana time anyway.




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About akiva96

I lived in Southern California my entire life - until my wife, Barbara, and I decided to quit our jobs and move to Hawai'i in April of 2015.

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