The Dog Days of August

Hawaiian word or phrase of the day: Hana hou.

Hana hou (pronounced hah-na hoe) means “One more time”. If you fly over on Hawaiian Airlines you will notice that this is the name of their in-flight magazine. As a musician this is what you want to hear at the end of your set – in that case it is the same as “Encore!”.

Our second summer in Paradise

Our first summer here was challenging. We had hurricanes bearing down on us and hot and humid weather all summer. Locals claimed it was the worst summer they had ever experienced. Air conditioners were flying off the shelf at Home Depot.

This year has been much better. So far only a couple of tropical storms have come into our general area bringing the heat and humidity. But mostly it has been very comfortable. Tradewinds and temps in the low 80’s around our neighborhood have been great and falling asleep on the lanai in the afternoon is a singular experience.


Barb is back to work at the school on the hot side of the island so the weather improvement is not as good there. No A/C at the school for the most part so it can get uncomfortable but it is her second year at the school and she now knows the ropes. So that is good.

My jobs on the mainland are still going well and require me to travel back once a month or so. That may slow down in a couple months as my big upgrade project should be complete. I’m hoping to pick up some local work to pick up the slack once that one starts to slow down. I will miss seeing family and friends in San Diego, but I will be happy to spend more extended periods here on Kauai.

The new house project

It turns out that our neighbor is an architect and we have retained him to produce the drawings for our new house. In fact, he just sent the drawings to a local builder here so we can get a ballpark quote on the construction. We are ready to get going on this and get into the new house with the forever views. If, you know, the bank wants to lend us the money to build it. Small detail.


The election

I have decided to stop looking at Facebook until after the election because there are so many political posts. Either Trump is the devil or Hillary is. Trump is a liar and Hillary is. Trumps wife is a trollop and Bill Clinton is, well, never mind about Bill. I’m sick of all of it and am just going to stop looking for a few months. I have too many friends on both sides of the aisle and sometimes people can g0 a little overboard about crap like this.

The beach

The beach rules. “Hana hou!” for the beach!!!!



About akiva96

I lived in Southern California my entire life - until my wife, Barbara, and I decided to quit our jobs and move to Hawai'i in April of 2015.

2 responses to “The Dog Days of August”

  1. Hans Blix says :

    Should start calling you Hans Blogs….

    Aren’t you going to miss the witty banter about the candidates?

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